This section provides troubleshooting for common problems you may encounter while setting up and using the IB-21E. 

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I cannot print to my printer over the network.

I cannot see the IB-21E on the network, or often communication errors occur.

IP Address

How can I assign IP addresses properly?

Class IP Addressing First Segment Range Application Number of Networks Number of Users
A n.u.u.u 0<n<127 Large scale network 126 16,777,214
B n.n.u.u 128<n<191 Mid scale network 16,384 65,634
C n.n.n.u 192<n Small network 2,097,150 254

For example, in a class C network, you can assign an IP address as ''

Following is an example of a Class C IP network with 3 computers and 1 IB-21E printer:

Computer A
Computer B
Computer C
IB-21E printer


The IP address changes unintentionally on my IB-21E printer.

  1. Run AdminManager.

  2. Double click the IB-21E you intend to define a password for.

  3. Open the General Tab.

  4. Enter the old password if you previously had defined an administrator password.

  5. Enter the new password.

  6. To confirm, enter the new password again.

  7. Click OK.

NetBEUI vs. LPR Printing

I frequently receive errors when printing with NetBEUI. Why?

Macintosh Printing

Printing fails with Macintosh.

  1. Connect to the IB-21E home page, e.g.

  2. Select Printer Control and enter the following command in the End of Job String: \x04

Resetting to Factory Defaults

How can I reset all IB-21E settings back to their factory default values?

With AdminManager:

  1. Run AdminManager and double click the IB-21E you want to initialize. 

  2. In the Protocol Setup window on the General tab, click Net Factory. 

With a browser:

  1. Connect to the IB-21E home page, e.g. 

  2. Select Reset and click on Set all Network Settings to Factory Default. 

With the jumper arrangement:

If you are unable to communicate with the IB-21E, it may be reset to factory defaults by changing the onboard jumper arrangement. Proceed as follows:

  1. Turn printer power off. 

  2. Remove the IB-21E from the printer. 

  3. Locate the jumper terminals on the board. Note the normal position of the jumper in reference to the terminals.

Figure 1. Locating the Jumper Terminals

  1. Remove and fit the jumper so that the pins of terminal SW2 are short-circuited.

Figure 2. Resetting Position

  1. Insert the IB-21E in the printer.
  2. Power up the printer.
  1. Turn printer power off. 

  2. Remove the IB-21E from the printer.

  3. Remove the jumper from SW2 and reset it to the normal position as shown in Figure 1 above. 

  4. Insert the IB-21E in the printer.